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Review of Legends of the Fall (1994)


Legends of the Fall is an epic tale of three brothers who live in the mountains with their father (played by Anthony Hopkins) and the woman who comes between them. Set in the early 1900’s during and after World War I, Legends of the Fall is a heartbreaking drama and character study of Alfred (Aidan Quinn), the civilized and ambitious older brother, Tristan (Brad Pitt), the wild one and “favorite” child, and Samuel (Henry Thomas), the baby.

All their lives the boys have been secluded in the mountains due to their’s father’s hatred of a government that persecutes Indians. Alfred and Samuel show yearnings to return to society and serve their country in the military while Tristan’s heart remains in the wild. When Samuel brings home his fiancee (played by Julia Ormond), the older brothers cannot help but fall in love with her. This love not only causes a rift between brothers and father and son, but it unintentionally leads to tragic consequences. Can this family unit hold strong at a time when the men are divided by love, grief, and corruption?

If you haven’t seen this movie before, do yourself a favor and check it out.  It is a bit melodramatic, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Favorite Quote:

Alfred (to Tristan): “I followed all the rules (man’s, God’s), and you, you followed none of them…and they all loved you more.”