Return to Me (2000)

In the mood for a feel-good movie?  Then check out:


Return to Me is a charming romantic comedy about a man named Bob (David Duchovny) who is madly in love with his wife, Elizabeth.  Sadly, Elizabeth is killed in a car accident and Bob is devastated.  The one good thing that arises from this tragedy is that a dying woman is given a second chance at life through Elizabeth’s organ donation.  A year later, Bob has finally mustered up the courage to go on a blind date and while at the restaurant, he finds himself attracted to a waitress named Grace (Minnie Driver).  As Bob begins courting this woman and learns to love again, what he doesn’t realize is that Grace was the dying woman who received his deceased wife’s heart.  Was it fate that brought these two together or could this shocking news actually pull them apart?

A tale of love, loss, and friendship, this heartwarming picture stars comedic actors Jim Belushi and Bonnie Hunt, who wrote and directed the film as well.  It also features veteran actor Carroll O’Connor as Grace’s adorable grandfather in his final role.

Return to Me will make you laugh, make you cry, and maybe even make you believe in fate.

Favorite Quote:

“All the times I prayed that Gracie would have a second chance at life, I always knew that if God blessed us, the heart she got would have to be from a very special person, if it were going to be at home in Grace. When she met you, her heart beat truly for the first time. Perhaps it was meant to be with you always.”


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