Christmas Movies

Check out one of our Christmas-themed movies over Winter Break.

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Christmas Display in the Library

Check out our book Christmas tree, located where the new books usually are.  You may find some Christmas movies and books worth checking out!



New Books in the Library

Check out our new books in the Gabriele Library.  Find these and more in our library catalog under “Have You Seen? Have You Read?”

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Review of Mr. Miracle (2014)

mr. miracle

By Sister Anne Marie Burton

Looking for a Christmas story that has all the ingredients of what Christmas can be?  Debbie Macomber combines humans with problems and helpful angels to weave a story that helps one to think about the true meaning of Christmas.  Known for her stories about Mrs. Miracle, the author introduces a hero who seems destined to appear in future books.  One of the McNaughton selections, Mr. Miracle: A Christmas Story is ideal for a cozy read on a wintry day.


Veteran’s Day

Check out our display in honor of Veteran’s Day.



Halloween Movies

Check out a scary movie for Halloween weekend.  You can find these and more on display at the circulation desk.

skeleton invisible psycho disturbia  tommyknockers vacancy

Don’t like horror?  Check out a comedy!

scary movie shaun young frank